Saturday, 31 May 2014

2nd Session out with my son 30/05/14

No sooner than we got home from our first session out fishing than he was asking to go again!

I had collected some peeler crab while out earlier that day and I grabbed a few and headed out for a few hours after tea.
We fished the same spot on the Tyne opposite B&Q up to and over High Water.  Bites were frequent but hooking them was a different matter.  Compared to last year the fishing seemed notably quieter.

My son's rod had a great bite about half way through the session and I struck into a fish for him.  I let him retrieve all by himself and was very pleased to see a big eel leap from the water near the side (literally!).  I helped haul the fish up and it was a good sized eel of maybe 1.5lb.

My son was over the moon with his first eel (although he would not touch it) and delighted in rubbing my face in how big it had been for the next hour......  I did however manage to redeem myself with a small eel just before we left.

So not loads of fish unfortunately but I was more concerned of maintaining my son's interest in the fishing at this point.