About me

My name is Alan Rodmell.

I live in Newcastle in the north east of England with my lovely wife and two kids.  In between working and spending time with the family I try to get out fishing as much as my wife will allow!

The Fishing

I started fishing with my parents as a child and after a 10 yr gap got back into it 6 years ago and have never looked back.

I fish with my mate Mark and fish many different marks on the North East coast.  We like to try and travel a bit throughout the year depending on where is fishing when.  We have been as far north as Loch Sunart but as yet haven't ventured south beyond Roker Pier.  We have fished lots of marks in Scotland especially around the Mull of Galloway.  This coming year we are hoping to get use of a boat and get out for some Tope in Luce Bay.

In terms of experience I still have a lot to learn from my father who is a true old school hard-core angler.  Every year since starting up again we have learned more and more and I am pleased to say our catches have improved year on year.

I can never see myself giving up fishing.  Along with photography it is one of the only things that truly help me maintain a sense of balance in my life.


The Photography

I started taking pictures several years ago as a way to help me remember all the good times we often would forget otherwise.
I progressed quickly to a DSLR and spent a year or so capturing some great shots.  Unfortunately with the arrival of children I found I had no time any more for this and sold all my equipment.
Over the following years I made use of every improving camera phones and small compacts to capture those memorable moments.  To date I have almost 12000 photos since 2004 archived.

I am currently in a postition to start up the photography again.  Not being able to afford the DSLR I want my wife has bought me a decent bridge/compact for Christmas.  
I am still struggling to make use of all the Fujifilm F660EXR has to offer.  It still does not compare to a true DSLR by a long shot and I need to learn to recognise my limitations with it.
Once I have it all figured out I am more than confident it will do until I can save for the camera I need!   

I have a portfolio of work currently on Redbubble.  Now that I am starting up again I may well be adding to that portfolio at some point.  Feel free to take a look and comment if you wish.