My Gear

I have a fair bit gear all over the house but I mainly use the same set of rods and reels throughout the year.  I have never been one to waste money on expensive gear.  After all...why waste £400 on a brand new TTR if you can't make full use of it?  There are plenty of far better value for money alternatives if you are willing to learn how to use them to their full potential.

  • Rebuilt Century TTR Oxblood - although an older version than the one on the other side of this link, it is still a beast of a rod.  
  • Sonik SK3 XTR Rough Ground: An excellent rod.  Powerful but with great bite detection and a reasonable price tag.
  • Anyfish Anywhere Lure&Bait 11ft - It seems they don't do this rod anymore?  Glad I bought one then!  Awesome light tackle rod.  I have put 3oz and a bait over 50yds with this without a problem.  I have also had a full 6 up of Mackerel with this rod too and it's still in one piece.
  • Shakespeare AlphaX Bass 11ft 6 (2-4oz).  Low cost compared to the other rods I have but its a bloody great clean ground rod.
  •  Fladen Warbird 13ft - Perfect for light to mixed ground beach work.  Unfortunately no longer made.

  • Original Abu 7 - 9 yrs old and still going strong
  • Abu 7500C3 
  • Abu 6500C3 
  • Abu GR Mag
  • Various spinning reels