Sunday, 30 June 2013

St Abbs 30th June 2013

After reading a few decent catch reports for the St Abbs area we decided to head up for a session.  We left early to ensure we got onto the marks we wanted.  We arrived up there at around 0645 after a 90 mile drive.

Conditions were great.  Warm, sunny (mostly) and with little wind.

St Abbs Lighthouse f2.7, 1/290s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/950s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/850s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

 We hiked to the south end of the headland and found a nice spot to set up.  I believe the mark in front of us may have been called The Crocodiles..... but all I know for sure was the gull colony on there never shut up for all of the 3 hrs we fished there.

Despite the distractions we managed a few fish from this first mark including a nice Wrasse for Mark.

Fishing was slow going so I made the most of the opportunity to get the camera out and snap away.

f10, 1/80s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

f10, 1/280s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

f6.1, 1/125s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

f2.2, 1.250S, ISO50 Samsung Galaxy S4

f3.5, 1/110s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

f3.5, 1/640s, ISO125 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

 f2.7, 1/70s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

 After a few hours we made a move back towards the lighthouse and set up on our usual mark.  For anyone who is thinking of visiting here make damn sure your fit.....

f2.7, 1/450s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/320s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.5, 1/400s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

f2.2, 1/1400s, ISO50 Samsung Galaxy S4

An hours fishing on here resulted in a small Coalie for Mark and on my very last cast......having missed the bite the first time....a cracking 2lb Wrasse to end the session.

f2.2, 1/350s, ISO50 Samsung Galaxy S4

St Abbs is an awesome place to visit and to fish.  It is however treacherous if you are not careful.  Most of the marks you can actually fish require a steep descent or even a climb to get to.  Some of the marks are even too crazy for me to attempt to get to.  After all no matter how much I love fishing its never worth risking your life for.

f2.7, 1/320s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

North of St Abbs: 15 shot Pano Stitch  f2.5, 1/400s, ISO100 Fujifilm Finepix F660EXR

Access to St Abbs Head is via a track just before you turn to go down into St Abbs itself.  The drive up the track has some great scenery.  You can park just by the Lighthouse and walk along the headland from there.
As I mentioned you need to be in decent shape as most marks require a combination of hiking, climbing and rock-hopping.  Travel light and make sure you wear decent shoes.