Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Ledges at Dunstanburgh June 2013

For once both weather and surf forecast fell in our favour this weekend.  After a week of settled seas and nice sunny days I decided that it was time to head to Dunstanburgh for the first time this year.

We arrived early (0700) and fished down to LW then up to HW (around 1530)
There was one guy fishing when we arrived and by the time we left we were surrounded by over a dozen.  
Fortunately by that time between four of us we had managed to land around 30 fish, 5 species (Coalie, Codling, Short Spined Sea Scorpion, Pollock and Wrasse) and two lovely take-home sized codling.

Dunstanburgh is a great mark for summer species including Pollock, Wrasse, Coalies, Mackerel and Cod.  Many anglers fish this mark throughout the summer trying their luck with lures, spinners, Jellys and feathers in addition to putting baits on the bottom.  Baits that fish well are rag, crab and sandeel.

Park at Craster and walk along the shoreline through the fields up to the castle.  Head to the back of the grounds and down to the right and over the wall.  You can fish anywhere down the cliff-side (be very very careful!) right the way down to the point.  Aim to fish settled conditions especially if you're fishing with light gear as things are uncomfortable with a big sea pounding in at you.
As a rule if your going up there.....make sure you get there early as there is nothing worse than walking a mile from Craster to find you have nowhere to fish because twenty anglers are already there!