Tuesday, 27 May 2014

First of many for him I hope!

After an unsuccessful session on the West coast yesterday I had some bait left over.  I decided to make good on a promise to take my 5yr old son out fishing for the first time.  Needless to say he was excited.

I stayed local and headed to a comfortable spot on the Tyne for a few hours.

For anyone doing this for the first time....it's hard work.... even at 5 the kids have a 5 minute attention span. Can I bring it in yet? Has anything nibbled at it yet?

I was patient and despite several bites on both my own rod and his we couldn't hook anything.
With our last cast in the water he had already "released" all the remaining lug and so I was delighted to see a tap on his rod.  Then another and then a slack line as his sinker was moved.

While my son was busy running around I took the initiative (feeling the pressure to produce) and hooked the fish for him.  I then proudly announced that he had one on! (PHEW!!)

He was over the moon and is looking forward to his next trip out with Daddy.