Sunday, 8 June 2014

Dunstanburgh 8th June 2014

 The time had come around again for the first trip to Dunstanburgh Ledges this year.
The forecast had been a bit hit and miss over the past few days with heavy rain yesterday.  The forecast for today was for warm and sunny weather in the morning turning to rain in the afternoon.  As the tides were favourable we decided to give the ledges a go while the weather was good.

We arrived at Craster at around 0610 and began the walk along to the castle.

There was little to no water movement inside the ledges which was good.  On the point there were some decent swells pounding in.  Considering that the water looked reasonably clear and I was hopeful of catching a few fish on the lures.
We opted to fish our usual mark at the top of the cliffs.

While the sun was shining I made good use of the camera to get a few panoramic shots of this stunning area (Best viewed LARGE)

After little in the way of fish we moved further around the cliff tops to try float fishing rag along the ledges. Unfortunately the fish were scarce and we spent a lot of time avoiding the sea birds nesting on the cliffs.

We stopped fishing the cliff tops when we noticed the numbers of young chicks in the nests. To avoid distressing any of the birds we decided to walk around the castle and spin from the rocks to the north.

We had never considered fishing this mark before.  It was beautiful scenery from the shore and we were very surprised not to have even a single bite or take despite trying baits, lures and plastics.

After a half hour we decided to take what was left of our rag and spend an easy half hour in the harbour back at Craster before heading home.  This gave me a chance to snap off a few more panoramic shots before the rain started.

So it turned out to be a beautiful day with only a few fish to show for it....but plenty of decent photos.