Sunday, 5 January 2014

Amble Open - Alnmouth 5th Jan 2013

It was the Amble Winter Open today.

Since this was likely to be the last open of the winter season I fished this with Mark and my parents, hoping to pick up a few fish and maybe some cash prizes.

Conditions were not ideal and as it turns out most marks did not produce many fish.  We were fishing on a new mark called The Fingers.  We had not been there before so we had the chance to have a good explore during the 5hr competition.  The fishing was pretty heavy going in the kelp and we lost quite a few sets of gear.  But if you are after the bigger fish then you have to brave the heavier marks to find them.

As it turns out however, we did not catch anything of a suitable size for weighing in.  But it was a lovely morning and as usual I managed to get some nice photographs.