Sunday, 16 February 2014

Out for a Walk: Tynemouth

Even though the fishing is still quiet I try to not let that stop me getting out with the camera.
Weather lately in the UK has been horrendous.  Not as bad here in the NE as it has been down south but it has still been pretty miserable.
In contrast the weather today was lovely.  A bit breezy and a little chilly but sunny all day.  I was glad to get some spare time and so I headed down to the coast to snap a few pics.

I parked at Tynemouth just up from the Boating club and had a stroll down to the pier and around Castle Rocks into King Edwards Bay.
I left with some great shots and a soaking wet backside after sliding into a rock pool....oh well it was worth it.

All shots are "as captured" save for some minor contrast adjustments and Panorama stitching where necessary.