Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 Round Up!

In as far as fishing goes I consider 2013 to have been a more successful year than those previously.
Not only because we have had more fish this past year but also because we are starting to venture around more and really explore new marks.

I am not able to get out fishing half as much as I would like too so when I am able I like to try and spend my time on the shoreline wisely.  We have had a few disastrous sessions this year where poor conditions and/or poor decisions resulted in some long drives only to blank.

Each however is a mistake that we are less likely to repeat!

As a bit of a round up of 2013........

January 2013

January was a slow month for fishing as it always is in the North East.  It is almost at the start of the 3 month quiet period and so the main trip worthy of mention was to Low Newton.

No fish unfortunately but an outstanding sunrise gave me some of my best photographs of the entire year.  See the blog post linked above for the full set of pics.

March 2013

The tail end of the quiet period saw us chance a trip up to Loch Etive for a weekend.  I was hoping that the fishing up there would begin as usual rather than have the season put back a few months.
It was a long long drive for very little other than some brilliant photographs.

April 2013

Fishing in April was still poor.  Typically by this time of year the flounder have arrived on the beaches and in the rivers with the eels.  A few sessions out this month threw out a few fish but not really as much as there should have been.

May 2013

The fishing in the rivers had finally started to improve by the middle of May.  Flounder and eels were in the rivers in decent numbers and I finally had the chance to get the light gear out and have some fun in the River Tyne.

Druiridge Bay had started to produce fish also and I managed a session up there with my parents on one occasion.

I was out several times but only had my camera with me on a few outings.

June 2013

June was a decent month for fishing.  We made our first trip to St Abbs this month and had a few fish to accompany some excellent photos.

I managed to get my parents out for a session on Dunstanburgh Ledges too this month.  There were plenty of fish for all....

July 2013

July saw us head to Druiridge once more and also get down for our first session of the year on St Mary's Island.

August 2013

August was by far the best month for fishing this past year.I had the chance to get away with Mark to Drimnin in NW Scotland for a few days.  My parents had rented a static caravan and were planning on a week of fishing on some local marks.
It was a last minute decision and a hell of a rush getting everything ready but It was an excellent trip away which resulted in quite a few new species for us all.

September 2013

September was reasonable this year.  We fished Lynemouth beach for the first time and were rewarded with a few nice fish.

October 2013

New rod on a new mark produced my PB Bass this month.

November 2013

After some seriously heavy seas we had a good session at Hartley in November.  Fishing everywhere was great during this month.

December 2013

December has been another decent month generally for fishing this year.  Some really good bags coming out after the storms.  I managed a few trips out this month but neither were very productive.
I did however manage a PB Rockling of almost a pound in weight!


As for what next year will have in store for us I cannot say.  My only hope is that the quiet period gets in and goes away again by the start of April.
If that happens then I will be out far more frequently next year.

I plan to fish the West Coast a lot more next year with maybe a summer trip planned up to the Isle of Skye.
No matter what happens however, as long as I get out to wet a line with my camera then I am happy.

All the best for 2014!