Thursday, 15 September 2016

Whitley Beach 14th Sep 2016

We headed out for an early winter session last night.

Although it is typically the back end of October before Whitley Beach starts fishing for the winter, conditions were good so we took a chance and headed out over Low Water.
LW was around 2100 so we arrived at 1800 and got set up.  There was a nice bit of movement on the water and despite the thick mist it was quite a pleasant night for fishing.

We had bites more or less immediately.  My dad pulled in a small lobster on his second cast.

As the tide dropped we moved out on to the rocks and fished into some heavier ground.

An ever-so-dependable rockling turned up a few casts later followed a short while later by a bigger Lobster.  

As darkness fell the bites continued but we were unable to catch much else other than a few small codling.  I had a go of capturing a few shots of the beach with my Galaxy S6.

Once darkness fell we found that in the rockpools around us the crabs were out and about.  I caught this guy trying to catch one of the small codling we had caught earlier in the evening.  If you ever come across one of these (Velvet Swimming Crabs) be careful.  They move like lightning and are aggressive as hell.

We packed up at around 2100 and headed home.  All in all a pleasant (albeit early) start to the winter season this year.  We plan to fish a lot more of the local beaches this season so hopefully a lot of these reports will include lots of cod!