Thursday, 22 September 2016

The River Tyne and Crawleys (Browns Bay) 22nd September 2016

I have had a lot of time off work this month and had yet to really get out for a good bit fishing. Weather today was forecast to be lovely so I picked up some bait and headed out to a mark in the River Tyne that I had discovered a few weeks back.

HW was at 0800 and I was only just able to make it for dead on high tide due to doing the school run this morning.  Conditions looked great so I baited up (fresh crab) and got to it.

I only fished for a few hours but managed 4 or 5 small codling.  I decided to make a day of it and so I headed off early to grab some lug worm from the tackle shop.  I then high-tailed it down to the coast to find a rock to sit on for a few more hours.

Crawleys is a great mark just on the northern edge of Browns Bay.  I had heard that it had been producing some good fish lately so I thought it was worth a shot.  I got set up for half-tide and planned to fish down to LW at 1400.

First cast saw me get a few small bites which came to nothing.  Second cast saw me pull in the first red Cod of the season which weighed about 1.25lb.

 While fishing I noticed lots of small fish swimming around in the rock pools.  This little chap stayed still long enough for a snap...

I fished until about 1320 until disaster struck.... my rod stand tipped while I chatted to a few fellow anglers.  My rod hit the rocks and I smashed/snapped/destroyed 5 rings which put an end to any further fishing....

Oh well at least I had one!