Sunday, 10 July 2016

Trunch Lane (Skegness) 10th July 2016

After a very successful trip over to Skegness last year (Trunch Lane 2015 and Chapel Point 2015) I was determined to head over this year to see if I could bag some more specimens from the beach.

I had monitored conditions for a few weeks now and the weather and surf forecast seemed spot on for a trip over.  LW was at 0445 and despite the tide not being particularly big we decided to head on over.  The plan was to fish over LW and up to HW at Trunch Lane.

After a long drive over from Newcastle we arrived and were set up on the beach for 0415.  Just in time for first light.

We got started right away and put the crab baits out at distance and waited.
After about 45 minutes my dads ratchet screamed away and he brought in a nice Starry of about 5lb to start the day out nicely.

We hoped this was a sign of things to come but the hounds weren't playing ball.  I had a lovely Starry of about 9lb a short while later and my dad followed at about half-tide with a Starry of his own of about 6lb.  He had a much bigger fish snap his leader on the run a cast or so later on.

The fishing slowed down after half-tide.  We had a few Flounder each from a distance but little else.

A local chap we were speaking to had said the hounds were late in this year as they appeared to have stayed offshore (beyond casting range) and were mainly being caught from the boats.  They  had only just started to be caught from the shore in that area.  I guess we were lucky to have nabbed a few!

Despite the lack of fish we decided to fish to top water as per the initial plan.  I was hoping the hounds would move in with the tide.

A half hour before HW after about an hour and a half of nothing my ratchet screamed to life.  I struck into what appeared to be a really good fish.  Much to my surprise it turned out to be a solid, stocky Common of maybe 6lb+

A little girl who was playing on the beach with her mum toddled over to see her first real-life "Shark" before we released it.  

We called it a day at just after HW without any further fish.

The total for the day had been 3 Flounder, 4 Starry Smoothhound and 1 Common Smoothhound all which took fresh crab.  Definitely not a wasted trip.

Although I was hoping for more fish the fact that even the locals had not been catching many hounds meant we had been fortunate to find a few decent fish.  I think it will be a week or two yet before the hounds move in properly.  

Another trip down may be on the cards I think.... I still need to catch the One that Got Away from last year....