Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Dunstanburgh Ledges 27th July 2016

Dunstanburgh is one of my go-to marks for summer fishing.  It is a beautifully scenic area that provides a lot of sport on the light gear when conditions are right.

I was due to be heading to Skegness again this weekend but following a change of plans I decided since the conditions and tides looked good to head to Dunstanburgh instead.

We headed over to Craster for around 0630.  There was forecast to be flat seas and a mild breeze which was ideal for this mark.

 We began the 1.5 mile walk up to the castle and when we arrived were surprised to find that the weather forecasters had got it wrong again....

There was a stiff wind blowing around the cliffs and the sea was far from flat.  We set up and got to work nonetheless opting to fish down on the ledges as opposed to on the cliffs where we usually fish.
We tried floats first off but the sea was just too choppy to make it worthwhile so we switched to feathers.
Neither saw any action so I switched us both to just a small rag bait that we fished on the bottom.

Once HW arrived at about 0845 we started to see bites at last.  Within the space of a few casts my mate Shaff bagged a good wrasse of bout 2lb and then a decent coalie on rag to save the blank.

Considering the conditions I was pleased to have seen any fish.

We called it a morning at around 0915 and headed back to Craster and then drove home.

I was a little disappointed that the conditions were not as forecast.  There has been a lot of fish coming in from Dunstanburgh the past few weeks and had the sea not been as rough I expect we may have had a much better day.