Thursday, 1 January 2015

Scouting some new marks to fish

I got out this afternoon with the family and headed to South Shields for a walk along towards Souter Lighthouse.

I have never ventured south of the Tyne for some reason and I was curious as to what fishing marks I could find along that stretch of coastline.

Lots was the answer.......

I need to do some homework over the coming months but I think that several of the marks I have identified will be "visited" this year.  Most look like they would fish both in the winter for Cod and during the summer for Pollock and Wrasse perhaps.

As always I took plenty of great photos.  My favourite being the one looking north up the beach just as the Golden Hour started.  All photos are "as shot" and I have done nothing with them save some image stitching on the Panoramas.

All pictures are best viewed LARGE!