Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 in Summary

As 2014 draws to a close and the winter season gets into its final few months here in the UK I thought I would run down my favourite photo/fishing moments of 2014.

Our first trip of the year to this area.  It is a yearly favourite and always provides some stunning scenery even if the fishing can be spotty.

We managed some good sport on the very light gear and enjoyed a day out in the sunshine.

I went out for the afternoon in April with the family down to Tynemouth Pier.  My kids had never seen a pier before and so they were eager to take a walk along to the end.
This gave me a great opportunity to snap some of the best Pano shots I have take to date from the pier looking inland.

Having asked for months I finally made the time to take my 5yr old son out fishing to a local spot in the Tyne.

The pressure was on to have him catch something.  Eventually after several changes in bait he managed his very first fish! A small flounder which made his week (and made my month!)

He asked to get out the very next day fishing too and was rewarded by a very decent eel (his first!) of around 1.5lb on his tiny little rod

No fish from this new mark but the photos as the sun went down were spectacular!  Well worth the 90 mile trip.

A last minute decision in May saw us head West after hearing that Thornback Ray were coming in from Silloth Promenade.  Having never caught a thornie we couldn't resist the trip across.

After an all night session catching Dab and Dogfish we both ended up bagging a 10lb Ray each on our last cast at sunrise!  Truly one of those amazing strokes of luck that we are unlikely to have again.
Needless to say I will be trying my luck again in May 2015 on this mark!

I spent a few sessions this past year to attempt to get my nephews into fishing (at their mothers request)

I took them out in the Tyne in October for a few sessions with my son and I and they were delighted to catch their first few fish...

So 2014 has been a great year overall.
Being able to get the younger ones into fishing will open up some interesting opportunities this coming year to get out and about with them.

By far my favourite session was the Thornback hunt in Silloth.  I will be visiting this area for certain next year and I will be making a conscious effort to fish more new marks.

I don't get the chance to fish as often as I would like to and so I plan to make sure that when I do get out it is worthwhile.  There are many marks I have never thought to fish and I will be doing my research during the quiet period (Mar-Apr) and planning the year out.

I will be heading to Skye in July/August for 3 or 4 days so expect some tremendous fishing AND photos.  Until then I will be exploring with the ultra-light gear to see what I can catch when I fish the usual marks with the "non-standard" gear.

All the best for 2015!