Sunday, 7 September 2014

St Mary's (Crisps Gulley) 06/09/14

I got out last night with Mark for 4 or so hours over low water.

There was not much sea forecast so I decided to see if we could pull any red codling out of the weeds around St Mary's Island.

When we arrived I made the last minute decision to head onto West Bay Skier and fish Crisps Gulley. The ground was as heavy as I remembered and I lost several sets of gear over the session.

As a consolation though I had some cracking bites on nearly all casts.  I managed a few decent Wrasse and a Short-spined Sea Scorpion for my troubles all of which were taking rag/lug baits.

Had I landed all the bites that I had I would have had maybe half a dozen more fish.  Considering how tough they were to hook I expect they were all likely Wrasse.  I was surprised not to see any codling that would normally be around at this time of year.

We fished until after dark and had the pleasure of a lovely moon-rise over the lighthouse.  Unfortunately all I had with me was my phone camera and could not capture any decent shots of the moon after the sun dropped.  Maybe next time.....