Thursday, 16 May 2013

The River Tyne (B&Q Scotswood) 16th May 2013

This time last year I was spending quite a bit of time in the River Tyne with my light spinning gear having great fun catching eels and Flounder.  Since I had yet to see an eel this year I decided to pick up a half dozen crab and see what was about.

If you ever get the chance to fish with light gear in the river do so.  It's tremendously exciting with every tap looking like HUGE bite.  You can feel everything through the rods and this gives you the edge when it comes to setting the hook.

The thing I like the most though is that I can buy half a dozen crab and I can fish for 6hrs easy with them.  I only use small hooks (size 2 or 4) for eels so the bait goes a long long way.

As it happens I came back with bait tonight so I am going to try and get out first thing tomorrow morning somewhere else.

The fish were about but not in the numbers they were last year.  I managed an eel, a flounder and two size codlings (which were a nice surprise) in about 3hrs.  I also snapped a few great shots of the sun setting behind one of the bridges on the river.

f2.7, 1/12000s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/7200s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/9000s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/17s, ISO100 Samsung Galaxy SII

f2.7, 1/17s, ISO125 Samsung Galaxy SII