Wednesday, 30 January 2013

More shots from the Archives

 Tynemouth/King Edwards Bay

Family Outing  f13, 1/180s, ISO200 Pentax K100D
Priory - f8, 2s, ISO200 Nikon E7600

King Edwards Bay - f8, 1/500s, ISO200 Pentax K100D

Whitley Bay

The Flood - f22, 1/250s, ISO200 Pentax K100D

St Mary's from Hartley - f5.9, 1/500s, ISO50 Nikon E7600

Sunset over the Lighthouse - f13, 1/180s, ISO200 Pentax K100D

South Shields

Looking South from South Shields Pier (3 Image Pano) - f4.8, 1/1500s, ISO50 Nikon E7600

Roker Pier

Roker Lighthouse - f2.8, 1/4000s ISO50 Nikon E7600