Monday, 18 January 2016

Maryport Pier 17th Jan 2016

We headed across west yesterday to have a session on Maryport Pier.  We had previously fished the beach to the South of the pier and we fancied seeing what we could pick up on the pier itself.

We have had quite a bit of snow this past week in the UK and so the drive up was more picturesque than usual.  I took the opportunity to snap some pics out of the window with my new Galaxy S6.

We arrived for half tide with HW at around 1730.  We had plenty of different baits with us just to increase our chances of catching.  The sea was more or less flat and there was a slight breeze across the pier that was absolutely freezing cold.

Maryport Promenade (in the distance to the left) looks like a good mark to fish in the warmer months. Apparently you get some big Plaice there.

Over the session most of the fish were small (under 1lb) but we did have a few half-decent dab just as it started to get dark.  We had 25 fish between the three of us (mostly codling with a few whiting and two dab)

I was hoping to catch a few Dogfish as night fell but it seems none were about.  As it was absolutely freezing we decided to head home at HW.

Not a bad session to be honest.  I think this mark would be better fished in the summer into darkness....when it is warm!