Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day session 26th Dec 2015

After a hectic Christmas I felt the need for a session out this afternoon.  We initially headed a little north up the coast to Craster but the sea was much bigger than was forecast.  Conditions were a little rough to fish the several marks we took a look at.

We made the return drive via Cambois and took a chance fishing the blocks as the sea looked lovely. There were some huge swells coming in every few minutes so we had to keep an eye on the sea while fishing.

The sea was relentless and as High Water approached it picked up.  We were hit face-on with a few swells that literally knocked us over.  Every few minutes a big one came in and we had to turn away from the water and just get a good soaking.... it was great!

First cast produced a good cod for my dad of around 5lb.  Despite trying to replicate the bait combination and the cast location we could not hook into any other fish in the 3hrs we fished.

We left just as darkness fell.  We were soaked through completely even though we had full floatation suits on and waders.

It was a shame that we had no more fish but to at least see the one caught made the session worthwhile....and to be honest I enjoyed the wave-dodging immensely for some reason.....