Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hound Hunt! Skegness July 2015: Pt2 Trunch Lane

On Thursday 23rd I decided we should get up at a ridiculous hour (0330) and fish Trunch Lane over LW.  I had heard that this mark was very productive at this time and I fancied some more sport from the hounds.

I had brought my 7500 today (with ratchet) and so I was ready for them!

We arrived at a little after 4am.  LW was at 6am and the first two hours were unproductive apart from the stunning scenery as the sun rose.

Once LW arrived at 6am things went CRAZY........

Hound after hound coming from long distance.
Billy had one close in but once I started putting his casts out for him he started catching.

Over the next hour I had 8 and he had 2.  All good fish in the 5-8lb range.  Most of the hounds were Starries that were all fighting like hell.....

I have honestly never had to wrestle so many fish just to get them off the hook.  I had to get a few in an actual headlock just so I could crush the hook barbs down to unhook them.

After about 2hrs past LW the fishing tailled off.  We were almost out of crab and we decided that the next was our last cast.
After 5 minutes my reel started screaming as the line was torn from it... I grabbed it, took free-spool off and struck into a monster.  The bend in my rod was unreal as was the fight.  I knew this was the biggest fish I had hooked so far and I was careful on the retrieve not to give it an inch.

I got it to within arms reach of the beach and I could see it was a good far the biggest so far.  In an instant the f*&cker flipped it's tail and slipped the hook.  I saw the dorsal fin casually heading back into the surf and dived after it........

Unfortunately I couldn't catch it and emerged from the surf swearing severely and soaking up to my chest........

As I got back to our gear Billy's reel screamed off as a passer-by came down to see what all my screaming was about.
Billy struck into a good fish and I waded out (well I was already wet) to help him land it.  What a fish it was..... a Starry of at least 13lb easily...

The passer-by even took a pic and of course I had to get one also with the fish!

I am fairly sure that the "one that got away" was bigger than this fish judging by the fight it gave on it's way in.

For a last-cast fish this was awesome.  Billy was chuffed as was I.  A shame though it was to lose a big fish I was more than happy with 8 fish for the session.  Billy had 3 in total.
8 of the 11 were Starry Smoothhound and 3 were Common Smoothhound.

All the fish from this mark were bigger, tougher fighting and far more enjoyable to catch.  They were all caught at long distance (>70yds) apart from one, and they all turned up on the turn of the tide.
Bear this in mind if you decide on fishing this mark.

After a cracking few sessions on the Skegness coastline I am hooked.  Nothing so far in my fishing career matches the excitement of fishing for Smoothhound.
Family holiday or not next year I will be returning with a boat-load of peeler for several sessions.

I can't wait!