Saturday, 27 June 2015

A beautiful day on the coast. Marsden Bay 27th June 2015

The weather today was beautiful.  Since nothing much was happening with regards to fishing locally I made the most of the opportunity to head to the beach with my family.

We love the beach at South Shields as it is newly redeveloped and is now by far the best beach in the region.  I decided to head down to Marsden Bay to look around as I had not yet been there myself.

Turns out that this place is just as awesome as South Shields big beach.  An absolutely stunning stretch of beach that doesnt seem to get too packed when the sun comes out.  Perfect for a relaxing few hours with the kids and the camera!

This stretch also looks good for a few fishing sessions later on in the season.

The panoramas below are best viewed LARGE! 
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Marsden Grotto along to Lizards Point
Marsden Bay from the clifftop