Sunday, 17 May 2015

River Tyne 16th and 17th May 2015

After getting my hands on a half dozen peeler crab this weekend I decided to get the kids out fishing. I did not have a great deal of spare time and so we kept it simple and yet again hit the usual mark on the River Tyne.
My daughter has been wanting to get out for ages and so on the Saturday I took her out with the light gear in the Tyne.

It was really tough going due to a strong wind and even though we had no fish in the few hours we were out, she enjoyed herself.  She was asking to go out again the next day but I would have had to tie her to the railings for fear of her being blown away!

On the Sunday I got out for an hour or two with my son to try a mark a little upriver from where we usually fish.  Having stopped by yesterday at low water I was sure it would hold fish.

 When we got down to the mark a few hours before high water the tide had not flooded enough to fish here and so we spent the first hour on our usual mark opposite B&Q on Scotswood road.  It was really windy today also which made using the light gear challenging.  Nonetheless my son managed two flatties in this first hour and I managed a decent eel.  Both taking fresh crab baits.

Apologies for the bad pic.  It's tough holding eels and taking a phone pic at the same time!

An hour before High Water we made the move to the bridge upriver.  As expected the wind was worse here.  We stuck it out for a few casts and I managed a parasite-ridden flounder of around a pound from the main channel.  

I am certain that on a calmer day this mark would be spot on for good sized flatties and eels although I think you would need to climb down the steep grass to fish to make retrieving the fish easier (definitely a no-no with the kids in tow)

We attempted to get another hour further down river out of the wind but by the time we arrived at a mark the tide had turned and the usual rubbish was hurtling down with the tide.  

I decided against struggling on and so we left it at 4 fish total.  Not bad for less than 2hrs.