Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Day on the West Coast 24/01/15

We headed West yesterday for a little explore.  We made an early start and when we got over there found a suitable beach and got to work.

The wind was pretty severe and whipped the surf into blankets of froth which made for some interesting photos.  Despite the wind the fishing was comfortable.  The weather was cool and it was bright for most of the day.

We managed codling to 3lb, Flounder whiting and Dab.

As always I had my camera with me....

The topology of the beach made the surf come in from all different directions.  It was very strange and unlike anything I had fished in before.

The froth got everywhere.  It piled up in mounds behind the tackle boxes and blew up the beach like tumbleweeds.  Again...not something I have seen while fishing the beaches on the East coast.

As I always like to I captured a few panoramas.  These are best viewed large!