Saturday, 18 October 2014

Tyne 18th Oct 2014

I had a spare few hours today and so I took my son and my nephew out for a while in the Tyne.  I was hoping to bag a few Cod as they are in the river in numbers this time of year.

I opted for our usual spot that is well out the way in case the boys decide to have a run around.
Bites were plentiful but the fish were very tough to hook.  I suspected that most were small stuff and I was proven right when each of the boys caught a small Whiting each (much to their delight)

We caught nothing else after the tide turned and the boys wanted to go home so I dropped them off and headed downriver to use the last of the bait.  I had a small flounder on the first cast and then nothing much after that.

Still a worthwhile day on the whole and as always I took some pictures.... and a photosphere!

Oh and did I mention I snapped my rod tip? :/