Saturday, 26 July 2014

South Shields Pier 26/07/14

With some lovely conditions forecast I decided on a quick trip over to South Shields pier to see what I could catch on the light gear.  The plan being to get over to the pier for sunrise and High Water (which fortunately were about the same time today) and fish a few hours.

I had my trip hijacked by my sister and her boys and we all met up and headed along the pier for about 0430.  The water was like glass and I was hopeful of fish.

I had never fished this pier before and so did not know exactly what to expect.  I managed a few mackerel and pollock on lures in the few hours we were there.
None of the boys unfortunately had anything but they enjoyed looking at the mackeral as I brought them in.
The end of the pier was packed with rods and it turns out that was because of the mackerel shoals around that area.  I know for next time to head up and find a space to squeeze in!

Well at least I did not blank...

Thanks to Steve who took a few of these "rare" shots of me fishing for a change!

The sun rose right over the last section of the pier

Me....wondering where all the fish were

Snaggy bottom....not great with light gear

Shot by Steve with the DSLR

Small Pollock that unfortunately was hooked by all 3 hooks on this Silver Minnow

3 Image Panorama taken with the Fujifilm 660EXR