Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tynemouth Beach 19th October 2013

After almost 3 weeks without a session I needed to get out.

There had been a decent sea running and LW was after dark so we decided to give Bathing Pool Skier a go tonight.  After a rough first hour battling snags and weed we moved onto Tynemouth Beach and fished until 2hrs after LW.

I was fishing with my newest piece of kit a Sonik SK3 XTR Rough Ground that I bough last week.
What a rod!  Absolutely worth every penny of the £149 I paid for it.
I was hoping to catch something decent to christen it it style so I was more than happy when I landed a personal best Bass!

We finished with 3 fish each all were Coalies over the 1lb mark apart from the Bass.