Sunday, 13 January 2013

Low Newton - No fish, New Camera and Awesome pics!

Well I am not long back from my Newton session with Mark.
Unfortunately the fish were biting but not cooperating and letting themselves be caught today.  As mentioned I took my F660EXR with me and am thrilled with the shots I managed to get.

Initially I was a bit annoyed that my phone seemed to be getting better shots than the EXR.  With a bit of experimentation I was able to get it to play ball. Most of the pics below are panoramas from several images stitched together in Photoshop CS6.  For more info watch this video

Getting Started  f2.7, 1/430s, ISO40 Samsung Galaxy SII
The Other Guys  f13, 1/40s, ISO800 Fujifilm F660EXR

No Fish Yet!  f2/7, 1/270s, ISO40 Samsung Galxy SII

Sunrise Over Newton  f10, 1/60s, ISO100, -0.33 FujiFilm F660EXR

Rockpools at Sunrise f10, 1/40s, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR
Through the Clouds at last  f13, 1/110s, -0.33, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR

Radio Station  f3.8, 1/210s, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR

Clouds Over Dunstanburgh Castle  (15 shot Panoramic stitch) f7.1, 1/500, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR
A Bit Risky  f11, 1/450s, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR

Dunstanburgh Castle  f16, 1/850s, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR

Heading home  f8, 1/950s, ISO100 Fujifilm F660EXR

Just Before Sunrise  f10, 1/35s, ISO800 Fujifilm F660EXR